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[Algorithms] Network Flow


Constraints: restate question requirements
Formulation: (1) draw flow graph, (2) nodes, (3) edges, (4) capacities
Solution: the requirement for the max-flow
Complexity/Algorithm: what algorithm is used + the corresponding complexity
Correctness: restate the formulation with the implications


Residual Graph: a graph with some flow
Augmenting Path: a path from s to t

Algorithms for Max-Flow

– Calculate C = min( {sum of capacity from source}, {sum of capacity to sink} )
– Total complexity: O( ( |V| + |E| ) C )

Scaling Ford-Fulkerson
– Calculate C = {sum of capacity from source}
– Total complexity: O( |E|^2 log C )

– Total complexity: O( |E|^2 |V| )
– This algorithm’s complexity does not depend on C, and thus the algorithm is strongly polynomial

– Total complexity: O(|V|^2 |E| )
– This algorithm works even if there are edges whose capacities are irrational numbers