[Compilers] Introduction and Common Optimizations


Parser: Builds AST from string
Optimizer: Transform the program to make it better
CodeGen: Transforms from compiler representation to assembly or machine code


Compute information about a program + Use that information to perform program transformations


  • Abstract Syntax Tree
  • Control Flow Graph
  • Dataflow Graph
  • Static Single Assignment
  • Control Dependence Graph
  • Program Dependence Graph
  • Call Graph

Analysis/Transformation Algorithms

  • Dataflow Analysis
  • Interprocedural Analysis
  • Pointer Analysis


  • Scalar Optimizations
  • Loop Optimizations
  • Object Oriented Optimizations
  • Program Verification
  • Bug Finding

Common Optimizations

Constant Propagation: Replacing uses of constant variables with the constant value itself
Constant Folding: Precomputing constant values with simple operators
Strength Reduction: Replacing MULT with SHL

Common Subexpression Elimination: Replace use of common expressions with LHS of first appearance of the expression –> need guarantee that values of LHS and RHS are not modified between the two identical expressions
Partial Redundancy Elimination: Sometimes redundant expression could be eliminated…
Copy Propagation: If LHS of a copy operation is used later, it can be replaced –> need guarantee that values of LHS and RHS are not modified

Dead Assignment Elimination: Unused assignment can be removed
Dead Code Elimination: Unreachable code can be eliminated

Branch Folding, Range Analysis, Pointer/Alias Analysis, Loop Invariant Code Motion, Inlining…

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