[TensorFlow] Running TensorFlow Slim


python download_and_convert_data.py –dataset_name=mnist –dataset_dir=~/dataset/mnist

python train_image_classifier.py –train_dir=./lenet –dataset_name=mnist –dataset_split_name=train –dataset_dir=~/dataset/mnist –model_name=lenet

tensor board –logdir=./lenet

python train_image_classifier.py –train_dir=./lenet –dataset_name=mnist –dataset_split_name=train –dataset_dir=~/dataset/mnist –model_name=lenet –checkpoint_path=./lenet –checkpoint_exclude_scope=? –trainable_scopes=?

python eval_image_classifier.py –alsologtostderr –dataset_name=mnist –dataset_split_name=test –dataset_dir=~/dataset/mnist –model_name=lenet –checkpoint_path=./lenet



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